Remote Soul Releasement Sessions

Soul Releasement

If you think or feel that you have an entity or entities attached to your energy/auric field, Barbara can check to see if this is the case. If so, she can release them and have them escorted to the Light and then cleanse and groom your energy from any residue of negative energy the entity/entities may have left behind.

Earthbound Souls

If you know of an individual who has passed from physical form to spirit and you believe they have not gone to the Light, Barbara can assist their Soul to their new home on the other side.

Releasement of Souls from the Resting Area

If a loved one has passed and you want to know where they are and if they arrived in the Light, Barbara can check on their whereabouts. If they are in the Resting Area (an area where the Soul goes when they are carrying a lot of negative energy), Barbara counsels your loved one until such time as they are ready to be received into the Light.

Soul Releasement work can be done remotely (from a distance) by connecting with the deceased Soul’s energy through meditation.

There is a minimum consultation fee of $25 for the Soul Releasement services to determine whether or not additional service time will be necessary. If so, the fee is an additional $125.

Appointments need to be made prior to making payment through PayPal for any of the services ordered. Please contact Barbara at 413-258-0228 or Email: to schedule your appointment.