Programs now being offered by Angel Connections include:

Connecting With Your Angels

Learn the key factors for opening a clear, direct line of communication with the Angel Kingdom and the major role they have in our lives.  Experience a meditation to connect with your Heavenly Helpers and “feel” their energy.  Practice receiving and giving messages from the Angels.  Time permitting Barbara will provide you with a message from your Angels.


Healing With Your Angels

Learn the major components of healing and why some people do NOT heal.  Determine whether or not a health issue you are experiencing is part of your Soul Contract.  Learn the procedures for Hands-On and Remote Healing.  Experience a powerful healing exercise with energy from the 9th Dimension.

Manifesting With Your Angels

Establish goals and practice reinforcing techniques to attract abundance in all areas of your life.  Learn why prosperity is part of your spiritual growth and why it is NOT wrong to ASK for money/material things.  Participate in an amazing manifestation meditation.

Your Soul’s Purpose / Life Mission

Each Soul contains a “Plan” (a life mission).  Learn the recent changes which will affect the Soul’s journey to Earth.  Experience a guided meditation to learn whether or not you are following your Soul’s Plan.

Path of the Soul / Reincarnation

Follow the cycle of Life / Death / Rebirth as we plan our life on the other side, learn our lessons and balance our Karma during our physical life and what happens when we return to the other side after physical death.  Learn why we choose to return and what we can do to make each lifetime better.  Experience a Life Review Meditation to find out where you are on your path and IF any revisions can be made to your Blueprint at this time.

Connect With Your Higher (God) Self

The Higher Self is our Ultimate Guide. It is the larger part of us which resides in the 7th dimension or higher. One of the requirements of Ascension is to connect and allow our Higher Self to lead us on our journey through life. When this happens life is a “breeze”.


It is the responsibility of every human to reach the Ascended Master vibration. We all have the opportunity to reach higher spiritual levels in this lifetime. We will discuss the different stages of Ascension, meet the Lords of Karma, release unnecessary burdens and experience an Ascension Meditation. Through our thoughts, actions, words and feelings we can arrive at the Ascended Master level sooner rather than later.

Soul Attachment / Releasement

Learn the signs which may indicate you are hosting an attachment, and what you can do to prevent/protect your energy from attracting attachments in the future.  Participate in a group releasement exercise to assist any earthbound or attached entities to the Light.

Journey Through Past Life Memories With Your Higher Self

Many of the issues we are dealing with in this lifetime stem from the past.  Experience stepping into your own personal “time machine” and going back to another time and place in order to bring the past forward for healing purposes.  We raise our level of vibration and accelerate our spiritual growth by releasing, letting go and/or resolving our baggage from the past.

The Stairway to Heaven and the ONE KEY That Opens Heaven’s Door

While there are many steps on the Stairway to Heaven, which we have been climbing since our first incarnation, there are certain steps that are extremely important during this particular lifetime. We will discuss these steps as well as the “ONE KEY that Opens Heaven’s Door.” I have been working with this Key for the past 20+ years and only recently experienced the “light bulb” effect of it. While it is a very simple step, it seems to be extremely difficult for some humans. Experience a guided meditation to assist you in attaining the KEY!